Primary Neurological Conditions

Vertebral Artery Stenosis

Vertebral Artery Stenosis (VAS) is a narrowing of the arteries that supply blood to the brain. VAS can lead to a decrease in blood flow to the brain and may cause strokes or other neurological problems. The symptoms of VAS can vary from person to person, and they may come on gradually or suddenly. The most common symptom is dizziness, but other symptoms can include headache, vertigo, nausea, and difficulty walking. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Early diagnosis and treatment of VAS can help to prevent more serious problems.

At the Gulf Coast Brain and Spine Center, our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible care for our patients with VAS. We offer a variety of treatments, including medication, physical therapy, and surgery. Our goal is to help our patients regain their quality of life. If you or someone you know has VAS, please contact us today to learn more about our services.

Vertebral artery stenosis is a narrowing of the vertebral arteries caused by a buildup of plaque or other obstructions. This can lead to reduced blood flow to the brain, resulting in dizziness, headaches, vertigo and other symptoms. At Gulf Coast Brain and Spine Center our team of experienced neurosurgeons specialize in treating vertebral artery stenosis and helping patients find relief from this condition.

In some cases, vertebral artery stenosis may be managed with medications such as blood thinners or cholesterol-lowering drugs. However, in more severe cases surgery may be necessary to open up blocked arteries and allow for better blood flow. Our specialists at Gulf Coast Brain and Spine Center are well versed in both endovascular and open surgical techniques for managing vertebral artery stenosis. In addition to addressing the physical cause of the condition we can also provide advice on lifestyle changes that can help reduce symptoms.

If you or someone you love is suffering from vertebral artery stenosis it’s important to speak with an experienced neurologist as soon as possible in order to properly diagnose the condition and create an appropriate treatment plan. Our team at Gulf Coast Brain and Spine Center will work diligently to ensure that you understand your situation so that together we can find a solution that best suits your individual needs.

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